Day-of Wedding Coordination

Our day-of service really means the month-of. From full weekend agenda planning to validating vendors times, and of course, acting as coordinator and point of contact for the wedding day, our day-of package is the perfect fit for most couples.

Full Service Planning

Need a little more help? With our full service planning package, we can help plan as much or as little as you need with a custom package built for you. From collecting proposals and executing contracts to managing budget and building centerpieces, let us take over all the details and leave you stress free!

Working with Bride’s Best Friend

Working with Bride’s Best Friend always starts with a consultation. This is a free meeting that usually happens before we’re selected as a vendor.

We go over your current vendor choices and discuss ideas and where you are in the planning process. From here, we can provide encouragement, advice and ideas for specific areas where you’re wanting a little more guidance.

This is really where it all starts coming together. We help identify where you want to spend your time and assign an overview of timing for the major functions of the evening.

You may already have some of the timing set (ceremony, when dinner is served), but we’ll start filling in the gaps and make sure we’re clear on which events you’d like to do and what order makes the most sense for you, your fiancee and your guests.

BBF will contact all your vendors to make sure they know exactly what they’re providing, when they’re arriving, and any other details that need to be established. This is also our time to introduce ourselves, get remaining to-do’s together to send to you altogether so you’re not spending the time trying to touch base with 10 different people – just one.

During these validations, BBF will make sure that your booking time and agenda times match to ensure everything is planned accordingly and look for any other details that might have been missed.

Running the rehearsal is included in the standard BBF package. That means roping in cousin Josh to make sure he knows where to stand and not to fidget (yes, we really have the conversation). This is a time for answering questions and getting out some of the jitters (it’s typically the day before, after all).

So the big day’s finally here!

We help with setup, and breakdown of course, and anything in-between. Our custom package includes the cueing of all event vendors all the way to making sure your gifts arrive at the desired location at the end of the evening.

We can also include everything from cake cutting, to being your bodyguard (in a nice way) so you can actually eat during mealtime. For a full list of included services and pricing information, please contact us.

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