About Us
The Bride’s Best Friend difference.

Our Mission

Bride’s Best Friend, strives to inspire her clients to have confidence in the day, stop worrying about the menage of details, and focus on being present in one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Our Planning Style

This is one of the only industries where most of your clients are first timers. Whew – how stressful! And we get it. We know it’s your first time planning a wedding and we want to be here to help. We also want to make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process.

We want to design an experience that is completely unique to you. We don’t do cookie cutter weddings, because we believe each person is a unique happy human and as a couple, your wedding should reflect who you are. We achieve this through rational compassion and education. If you want to spend your budget on donkeys for your cocktail hour – awesome – but we’ll make sure that we are all on the same page about what you might need to give up to create the budget you need for that. You may make the same decision, and that’s great, but you’ll know what you may have to give up for that piece of awesomeness.

Weddings are highly emotional, let us be your rational guide along the way so you can arrive at your intended destination.

Details and logistics are our love language – we’ve been doing this a long time, we can spot a potential breakdown before you even know there’s going to be an issue. Then we help to fix it. This is why we start by learning about your priorities so we can make great recommendations and keep your wedding culture in tact so your wedding is every bit of the experience you want it to be.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to make your day uniquely you!

We Love Working With Humans

We love connecting with down to earth clients who are kind, and compassionate. Our number one goal is to help you enjoy both your wedding and the process it takes to get there. We want you to be confident in our ability to help you achieve your goals with your wedding culture, design, and priorities. We love it when you trust us (don’t worry, we’ll earn it).

Some of our clients are organized and color coordinated while others have so many ideas and concepts and need help pulling them together into a cohesive and smooth event. Your planning style is something we can work with! We ask that you share yourself with us – the good, the bad and the beautiful so we can understand more about you and help to make your wedding unique to you two.

Meet The Owner

Hi! I’m Cassie. I’m the owner and lead planner at Bride’s Best Friend.

I’ve been working in the wedding and events industry for over 10 years. I established Bride’s Best Friend in early 2010 and went full time in 2017 and never looked back. I have planned or coordinated over 100 weddings and have learned something at each and every one of them. Every wedding is so unique and every couple is so different that I always get an opportunity to learn and grow with every event that I do.

I have always been organized. The color-coordinated-to-do-list sort of organized. Or maybe a, let me write this down so I can cross it off, sort of organized. So it’s no wonder that the organization and attention to detail required for wedding planning fit so well within my strengths.

Weddings don’t have to be cookie cutter or cost an arm and a leg. I love finding ways to make things happen within your budget but still make your dream come true. Maybe that’s a galaxy themed wedding, or trying to figure out your style and how to have that come out in the wedding. My favorite weddings are the ones that are uniquely you (as it should be!). I know the wedding planning experience and industry can be overwhelming, but there are vendors waiting to work with you – that will be just as excited as I am to make your day a true reflection of who you are as a couple.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help with your special day!

How can we help you?

Full Service

We take care of everything – the whole shabang. We negotiate all contracts, manage all vendors, and create an experience that is uniquely YOU. Enjoy your engagement and leave all of the planning to us.

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Wedding Day Management

Ideal for the “We enjoy planning, but want someone to double check our work” couple. You do the planning, but we’ll help to make sure that all the loose ends are tied before you say “I Do.”

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A little love for our photographers.

We wouldn’t have gorgeous photos to show you without the generosity of our photographers.