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Wedding Planning with the unknown of Coronavirus

We are all in unprecedented times right now. There are so many unknowns and we all wish that we could have a crystal ball to understand what's coming. In all the uncertainty, we understand that planning a wedding can be a difficult concept at the moment. We wanted to share a few things we've been working through with our couples to help bring back the tangible logistics of planning. We do our best to try to take emotions out of some of the hard decisions. Our rain plan revolves [...]

5 things to remember when hiring a band for your wedding

So you’re thinking about having a band at your wedding - how fun! Bands bring a lot of energy and entertainment to your reception! Here are 5 things to remember when you start looking for a band!  Band: Marmalakes / Twinty Photography 1. You need a music plan for all of your wedding Okay, so we love a great band! That checks off what you need for your reception - but what about all the other times? Be sure to consider that your band generally [...]

Watch BBF’s Cassie on The Austin Wedding Show!

I was invited to speak about a truly remarkable wedding on The Austin Wedding Show. This series is hosted by my friends Jordan Bunch & Taylor Juarez of Austin's Ladybird Studios. After watching, check out our portfolio of this wedding!

Tips for hosting a private residence wedding

Have you always had a dream to get married at your family home or vacation home? It sounds perfect! If you are considering utilizing a residence as your wedding venue, look no further for tips on how to make your day incredible! It is important to understand that anywhere you want to get married can become a wedding venue -- but the proper planning can really elevate the space from acceptable for a wedding to downright amazing!   Seating and tables While some venues offer tables and chairs as [...]

Do’s and don’ts for including your dog in your wedding

So you want to include your fur-kid in your wedding? Fantastic!! It is becoming increasingly common to bring our furry friends with us everywhere, and even to let them be our ring-dog or flower-pup! We have had many weddings with a dog as an honored wedding party member (or just there for the getting ready festivities). Always check with your venue before you decide to include your pet, to make sure they are allowed. Your venue manager will let you know if there are any restrictions on where your [...]

Is a First Look right for you?

Considering doing a first look before your ceremony?  Tradition is to have that first glimpse of each other on the aisle when your eyes first meet, however, for the past several years, tradition is being tossed to the wayside in favor of a private, scripted first reveal known as the first look. Think of a first look as a mini-event in itself before the ceremony is to begin.  Kim Heath Photography What is a First Look?  A first look is when a couple plans to have a [...]