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Wedding Coordinator: The Special Day

We already know the "day of" package doesn't really exist and starts well before the day of, so let's talk about everything that a coordinator helps with on the special day. Preparation Before I ever walk out the door, I run through several preparation steps. From printing my copy of the agenda (plus several extras), to checking everything in my emergency kit to see if there's anything that could be added to help with today, I like to make sure I’m set up for the day. After those, I [...]

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

I actually get this question a lot. "What does a wedding coordinator do?" While I can't exactly speak for all the coordinators across the world, but I can shine some light on what I do for my clients that you may not think about whenever you first consider a coordinator or you hear that your venue requires one. Preparation The first steps start when we get together for a consultation. We will walk through where you are in your planning process, see where you feel the most concerned, and [...]

Top 5 Venue Questions (To Ask Yourself)

Photo by: Rachel Ledbetter Okay, so you’re ready to start looking at venues. How exciting! But how do you narrow down from all the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of wedding venues in the Austin and surrounding areas? Well, here are some basic questions to ask yourself to help narrow down what you’re looking for and help to find that perfect location. 1. What’s your budget? If you haven’t established a budget, you should check out our recent post about where to start when planning a wedding. We’ve got [...]

3 Places to Start When Planning Your Wedding

This can be an overwhelming experience. Ideally everyone only has one wedding in their lifetime and it’s rare that you might plan more than one or two events of this magnitude in a lifetime. So where to start? This is a practical approach to getting the planning underway! Your Budget Starting with a budget can be hard just because it’s hard to know how much things cost before you really have the chance to dig in. That’s why these first three planning ideas really go hand in hand rather [...]

Bride Side Vs. Groom Side

I have a lot of couples ask me about traditional and non-traditional seating. They ask: does it really matter anymore about the bride’s or grooms side? To be honest, it really just depends on preference! We have some couples that choose the tradition, bride’s guests sit on the left, while the groom’s sit on the right. We have other couples that choose based on where the bride is located and the best way to hide her from her groom when she’s walking to the aisle and we have even [...]

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

If cake isn’t your favorite thing, there’s no reason you have to have one at your wedding. Weddings are shifting towards a more personal approach, rather than having a specific item because it’s tradition. This means that alternatives to long-standing traditional must-haves are popping up all over the place. Here are a few of my favorites. Dessert Bar A dessert bar has something for all tastes. From cookies and candies to cake pops and so much more, anything goes on a dessert bar. They’re beautifully put together by professionals, [...]