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Leave your wedding in style: Grand Exit Ideas

Looking for the perfect way to end your epic day? While you may be considering venue restrictions or just looking for a unique idea, we’ve put together some of the most popular and unique ways to say goodbye to your guests!  Sparklers What you should know: Sparklers burn at 1,800 - 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit Quality matters in sparklers. The cheaper ones will produce fiery chunks as they burn down and produce more smoke than necessary.  Regulations around sparklers can stem from the venue or the county depending on insurance, [...]

Wrapping Your Head Around Seating Assignments

“How do we let guests know where they’re sitting?” “We love the look of escort cards, but don’t want to assign seats, is that possible?” Sound familiar?  We understand. We get asked ALL THE TIME by our couples about how they should do their seating assignments. I mean, let’s face it, by the time you are thinking about the seating assignments, it’s late in the game, and almost everything else is planned. This task can sound time-consuming! We’re going to break down a few things to think about when [...]

Release your inner storyteller (without creating extra work)

We absolutely love the art of storytelling, and your wedding is one of the most unique ways to tell your story. It’s likely that your guests know some of it, but it’s always one of the most cherished activities for those guests who are close enough to get invited to your wedding to learn something new about you and your relationship! Sometimes, the storytelling gets lumped in with DIY - but they don’t have to be! We love bringing in those small details to tell your story and provide [...]

Tips for planning your destination wedding in Austin

Planning from afar can be stressful! Austin is a hub for destination weddings for a variety of reasons, and we love it!  We work with remote clients all the time, so we wanted to provide some suggestions on how to manage planning remotely! We recommend planning three trips throughout your planning process, and we’ve broken them down below!    First trip - Venue It’s hard to really understand the look and feel of venues until you’ve seen them in person. We recommend taking a look online and determining your [...]

Four tips for minimizing anxiety on your wedding day

You may not know this about Bride’s Best Friend, but we are big into self care over here! We love getting to know our clients, and we meet and work with many different types of personalities. Sometimes we work with couples that, while excited to get married, really prefer to NOT be the center of attention all night long. Working with our clients to craft their timeline to make it just what they need it to be is an extremely important step for everyone to be comfortable! We [...]

Staying present on your wedding day

Okay, so today I get to write about something that’s actually a very personal thing to me. I have a type-A brain (go figure) and I have a hard time turning my brain off and staying present in the moment. This is compounded with all of the interruptions of today’s everyday life from phones / running a business / Facebook (I have serious addiction y’all), etc. Staying present can be extremely difficult for me as I LOVE my job, I’m extremely type A and hyper-aware of timing and [...]

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