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To Toast or Not To Toast

Toasts are a great way for your closest family and friends to share an intimate moment with you by sharing stories, laughter and tears at your wedding reception. How do you manage who has the special privilege of giving you a wedding toast? I like to follow three simple rules. 1. Pre-select your toasters. Yes, I just called them toasters. Moving on. There are a few reasons why I suggest pre-selecting the privileged who will toast you at your wedding. They all revolve around creating a great experience for [...]

The Reality of Dance Lessons

A lot of couples ask whether or not it's worth it to invest in dance lessons. Here's what we think! There are several times throughout the night for dancing - from the first dance, to the line dances and the electric slide, people getting on the dance floor is a great way for your guests to enjoy themselves! First Dance The first dance can be many different things, but a scripted dance is a lot of fun to watch as a guest (or as a vendor). We've attended quite [...]

Ideas We Love

1. Write a love letter to each other One of my favorite moments to hear about (because I wouldn't dare interrupt) is the love letter exchange. Both the bride and the groom write and seal letters to each other to be opened just before you walk down the aisle. The amount of emotion and expression that can be delivered in a handwritten letter is a powerful gesture that many couples miss out on. What's the History? Did you know that love letters were popular in the Victorian era? Because [...]

5 Tips To Stay In Budget

1. Use Free Planning Tools Did you know there are a lot of tools that can help you plan, stay organized and keep track of your budget? They both offer simple budget tracking to let you know about how much you should expect to spend in each category depending on your overall budget. When you put in your overall budget, it'll automatically calculate how much you can expect each piece to be. That doesn't mean you won't take some from one category and [...]

Kiddos and Responsibility on Your Wedding Day

Young children and responsibilities - what to do? If you're planning on having little ones in your parade, here are a few things you might want to think about if you are considering someone who might be a little young for the task. What do you want them to do? I always recommend really thinking about what you want them to do (and how far you're willing to stray). Kiddos can be tough to work with sometimes, but they can also be a highlight for the meaningful journey down [...]

Why get a wedding coordinator?

You'd be surprised by how often I hear this question. "Why should I hire a coordinator, can't my maid of honor manage everything?" You can fill in the maid of honor with mother, aunt, sister, cousin, or some other family member or friend. Before the wedding All the Details Wedding coordinators do a lot of behind the scenes tasks that aren't as easy for family members (especially those who want to enjoy the festivities and participate)! From the beginning, we'll talk to you about what you like, [...]