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Kiddos and Responsibility on Your Wedding Day

Young children and responsibilities - what to do? If you're planning on having little ones in your parade, here are a few things you might want to think about if you are considering someone who might be a little young for the task. What do you want them to do? I always recommend really thinking about what you want them to do (and how far you're willing to stray). Kiddos can be tough to work with sometimes, but they can also be a highlight for the meaningful journey down [...]

Why get a wedding coordinator?

You'd be surprised by how often I hear this question. "Why should I hire a coordinator, can't my maid of honor manage everything?" You can fill in the maid of honor with mother, aunt, sister, cousin, or some other family member or friend. Before the wedding All the Details Wedding coordinators do a lot of behind the scenes tasks that aren't as easy for family members (especially those who want to enjoy the festivities and participate)! From the beginning, we'll talk to you about what you like, [...]

Why you should pay attention to holidays

One of our budget saving tips is that you should pay attention to the holidays. What do we mean by that? Well, if you're doing a send off with sparklers, they're a lot cheaper (and easier to find) right before July 4th and New Years than any other time of year. That means that rather than getting the traditional "wedding markup" you can get a crazy deal from one of the stands on the side of the road rather than having to hunt and take whatever you can find! [...]

What’s the difference between a full-service coordinator and a day-of coordinator?

Answer: There are typically several packages offered by Austin wedding coordinators and they range from full-service to day-of (sometimes called month-of). In this post, I'll break down the main differences and go over a few examples so you'll know which one is right for you. Full Service A full-service coordinator will help you select vendors, guide you in etiquette, plan your design, and help to concept the actual wedding. This means that if you need help all along the way with details, ideas, concept, planning, selection and more, then [...]

Do I really need a wedding website?

To be honest, that's completely up to you! Each couple decides their own priorities, needs and time requirements. If you don't have the bandwidth to create a wedding website, then it may not be right for you (at least right now), but a lot of my couples have found it easy to update one easily accessible location rather than repeatedly having guests ask questions to mom, dad, or uncle Joe who might not have the most up-to-date answers. It's helpful for guests to have a location to go to [...]