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What goes into a rain plan?

Let’s talk rain plans - ugh - I get it. I wish we could all have sunshine and bluebonnets on our wedding days, but the weather is just one of those super fickle friends. When we start planning, we all come together for this vision of what your wedding will look like. In almost everyone’s vision, it’s sunny and gorgeous outside. Let’s talk about that for a minute, because unless your part of X-Men and Storm is in your back pocket, we can’t really control the weather (but [...]

3 Things you should know before starting to look for a venue

Okay, so you’ve read through some of the items to keep in mind when shopping for a venue, and you’re ready to get started, but how? These steps sound simple, but I realize there’s so much more to this than a couple of bullet points. For the sake of attention span, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 items you need to have defined before you go off looking for a venue. 1. Define your budget. This is the overall budget that you want to spend on the whole wedding. [...]

Venue Shopping – How to start?

Personally, I think venue shopping is one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning with the highest stakes (other than choosing to get married, of course). Okay, so why is this so hard given that I’ve worked at 50+ venues all around Austin? The short of it is that apples-to-apples comparison doesn’t exist when shopping for a wedding venue. Refill your glass of wine - I’ll explain. First - your venue sets your tone for your budget. If you pick your venue without having a true understanding [...]

Seating Assignments: The good, the bad, and the helpful

Photo by Lindsey Thorne Seating assignments - how am I going to let my guests know where they sit? We get this question all the time! Sometimes this task can be daunting if you are doing it on your own, but we can break it down into just a few ways to get this information to your guests. Are you assigning seats or tables? The way to display can be similar for displaying which table a person is seated at, but with assigned seats, you'll need [...]

Wedding Coordinator: The Special Day

We already know the "day of" package doesn't really exist and starts well before the day of, so let's talk about everything that a coordinator helps with on the special day. Preparation Before I ever walk out the door, I run through several preparation steps. From printing my copy of the agenda (plus several extras), to checking everything in my emergency kit to see if there's anything that could be added to help with today, I like to make sure I’m set up for the day. After those, I [...]

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

I actually get this question a lot. "What does a wedding coordinator do?" While I can't exactly speak for all the coordinators across the world, but I can shine some light on what I do for my clients that you may not think about whenever you first consider a coordinator or you hear that your venue requires one. Preparation The first steps start when we get together for a consultation. We will walk through where you are in your planning process, see where you feel the most concerned, and [...]

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