I have a lot of couples ask me about traditional and non-traditional seating. They ask: does it really matter anymore about the bride’s or grooms side?

To be honest, it really just depends on preference! We have some couples that choose the tradition, bride’s guests sit on the left, while the groom’s sit on the right. We have other couples that choose based on where the bride is located and the best way to hide her from her groom when she’s walking to the aisle and we have even more that flop the family in their seats.

Yes, that’s right. They flop the seats. A new trend in seating is having the bride’s family sit on the traditional groom’s side and the groom’s family sit on the traditional bride’s side.

Why would you do that?

It makes it exponentially easier for your family to see YOUR facial expressions during the ceremony instead of the person that you’re marrying. Let’s face it, would your parents rather see the back of your head or your beautiful face while you get married?

Other than the parents, typically the bride’s side is the left and the groom’s on the right, but more and more couples are adopting the “let’s merge the sides and be one family” tactic. Ushers will seat guests based on which side has the most available space and tell guests that two familys are merging as one, and the guests should follow that trend.

There are several Pinterest ideas on how to accomplish this with cute and whimsical notes along the way. Here are just a few that we love.

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