You’d be surprised by how often I hear this question. “Why should I hire a coordinator, can’t my maid of honor manage everything?” You can fill in the maid of honor with mother, aunt, sister, cousin, or some other family member or friend.

Before the wedding


All the Details

Wedding coordinators do a lot of behind the scenes tasks that aren’t as easy for family members (especially those who want to enjoy the festivities and participate)!

From the beginning, we’ll talk to you about what you like, what you’re going for and what you expect. From our experience, we’ll try to see things before they happen, offer advice and solutions. Beyond that, we select “acceptable decision makers” so your Aunt Suzie doesn’t try to change how the tables are laid out even though you had specifically wanted them set another way.

From managing the vendors to confirming contracts and giving feedback on “what’s normal” in all kinds of situations, a wedding coordinator provides a lot of service before your day even arrives.

Wedding Day

Complete Setup

Oversee Setup

On your wedding day, we may need to direct guests into certain locations, keep them from poking around where they shouldn’t be and answer any and all questions (and make sure the staff know the answers too!). While some of this can be handled by family or friends, it’s easier for your Uncle John to understand that we may need him to move from an area we’re still setting up into the guest prepared area that offers refreshments and mood music.

Lastly, we provide a trusted (and sober) resource at the end of the night to make sure that all the gifts arrive at their destination, the cards (which may have cash in them) are in a safe and secure spot, and all the vendors know their roles and check out with us to make sure the clean up is completed as it should be.

Don’t forget that the person that you trust so much to be in charge of your wedding preparations, may also want to enjoy the party! A wedding coordinator takes the weight off your mom or aunt and we’ll even remind them to let loose and enjoy the evening a bit!