1. Write a love letter to each other

One of my favorite moments to hear about (because I wouldn’t dare interrupt) is the love letter exchange. Both the bride and the groom write and seal letters to each other to be opened just before you walk down the aisle. The amount of emotion and expression that can be delivered in a handwritten letter is a powerful gesture that many couples miss out on.

What’s the History?

Did you know that love letters were popular in the Victorian era? Because courtship restricted the circumstance of seeing your betrothed, letters became the best way to express the feelings and desires one wouldn’t dare to say in front of “dear old dad”.

We love the idea of keeping this tradition alive with a tear-filled reading on your wedding day and a treasure you can keep around for a lifetime.

2. Share your stories with your guests

story centerA lot of your guests would love to learn more about you and your new spouse. There are several ways to let them know a little more of your story than they already do.

Pave a path through your cocktail area; from the entrance to the exit, place parts of your story (numbered of course) throughout. You’ll find that lots of guests will wind around looking at all the different photos and pieces of memorabilia and, by providing the heartfelt stories along with your journey as a couple, you will get to share the cute anecdotes they might not know otherwise.

Another way to deliver heartfelt stories about you two is through the seating arrangement in the reception area. I had one couple name their tables with no apparent rhyme or reason – until you read the stories attached to each table that is! Guests wandered from table to table talking to other guests and reading the story centerpieces and celebrating the love that had grown throughout the couple’s history. It was a beautiful sight to see.

3. Make your centerpieces treasured giveaways

centerpiecesOkay, so I’m a little biased on this one since I did it at my wedding! We took liquor/wine bottles that were from special occasions in our lives and had a glass blowing artist blow out the tops on them and flute them into vases. These were then placed on each of our tables at our wedding (with some glitter in the water and floating candles – remember we didn’t have flowers). At the beginning of the evening, we put one person in charge (my dad) of making sure that those who had contributed the most to our wedding went home with their choice of centerpiece. We had selected those who fit the description beforehand and each of them went home with a custom centerpiece that I see in their homes when I visit!

This not only served a double purpose for us but also gave a unique thank you to the members of our families that contributed so much to make our wedding happen.

What’s your favorite wedding idea?