Young children and responsibilities – what to do?

If you’re planning on having little ones in your parade, here are a few things you might want to think about if you are considering someone who might be a little young for the task.

What do you want them to do?

I always recommend really thinking about what you want them to do (and how far you’re willing to stray). Kiddos can be tough to work with sometimes, but they can also be a highlight for the meaningful journey down the aisle.

rose petalsFor flower girls, you may need to settle for them carrying a basket down the aisle (and completely forgetting to throw out the petals) and looking completely darling while doing it if they’re not at the age where they can follow more than one direction at a time (ie, going here and doing this). I’ve had a few couples with flower girls as young as 1-year-old prepare the aisle for the bride and it turned out super cute!

We had a little one (I think she was 2) create some buzz while she went down the aisle. She walked down the aisle, kept all the flowers in her basket, walked right up to her dad (who was also the best man) and then took off running towards her mom to sit down. The guests got a little giggle at her eagerness to go sit down, but she was happy to be involved. The bride even got a good laugh out of it and the pictures are adorable.

Just remember to be flexible on their roles since kids are a little unpredictable. 🙂

Nothing expensive

I’m personally a big fan of controlling as many variables in a situation as you can. That’s tough when it comes to kids, but one thing we can do is not send them down the aisle with anything expensive.

If you have a young ring bearer that you’re worried about, use fake rings.

wedding ringsFake rings offer a solution so you can still have the rings be “delivered” during the ceremony, but you don’t risk losing them by handing them over to a very feisty little one.

We recommend handing over the ring pillow or flower bouquet right before walking down the aisle. This will reduce the chance of losing it, having it be damaged or running out of rose petals before the band even begins to play.

If you don’t have a coordinator to manage this for you, select the bridesmaid standing closest to the kiddo and put her in charge of it!