One of our budget saving tips is that you should pay attention to the holidays. What do we mean by that?

Well, if you’re doing a send off with sparklers, they’re a lot cheaper (and easier to find) right before July 4th and New Years than any other time of year. That means that rather than getting the traditional “wedding markup” you can get a crazy deal from one of the stands on the side of the road rather than having to hunt and take whatever you can find!

There are lots of other items like this! If you’re looking for props for a photo booth, check out Halloween and New Years party clearance.

sparklersHere’s what we’ve put together for the major holidays and some helpful finds that you should watch out for!

New Years

  • New Years is great for decor! All those silver decorations you find for the holiday are great for flair on a photo booth!
  • Anything silver and black is so much easier to find around New Years!
  • Don’t forget to pick up your sparklers before the fireworks stands close for the season!


  • Looking for anything in pink or red? Valentines is a great day for that. Heart decorations like the one you want to tie on the back of your chairs at dinner? They can be picked up easily around Valentines without being special ordered (and of course, marked up).

Pastel Ribbons, Decor and so much more


  • If you’re using a pastel as a color for your wedding use the Easter sales to help find some decorations. You might use some pastel tissue paper to spruce up your photo booth backdrop or specialty colored paper napkins for a flair at the bar.

July 4th

  • Sparklers for your getaway are found easily around Independence Day! Be sure to stop by the fireworks stand before they close for the summer!
  • If you’re looking for some fun and fresh centerpieces, sometimes mason jars and glassware will go on sale around Independence Day

Winter Wedding Decor on Every Shelf


  • Looking for some extra lighting? Use white (clear light bulb/white strand) Christmas lights! They go on clearance between Christmas and New Years and look great strung on trees and across open areas as a substitution for bistro lighting.
  • Christmas time is a great time to pick up thank you cards since they run on clearance! If you’re having a winter wedding, getting some cards with snowflakes are a cute way to say thanks!
  • Winter weddings hit big with after Christmas sales with wreaths, and so much more going on clearance for next to nothing!