A lot of couples ask whether or not it’s worth it to invest in dance lessons. Here’s what we think!

There are several times throughout the night for dancing – from the first dance, to the line dances and the electric slide, people getting on the dance floor is a great way for your guests to enjoy themselves!

First Dance

WeddingThe first dance can be many different things, but a scripted dance is a lot of fun to watch as a guest (or as a vendor). We’ve attended quite a few weddings and seen lots of first dances and although they don’t need to be the full Dirty Dancing tribute, it’s still fun to see a couple know “how to cut a rug”.

Something you may or may not know about dance lessons is that they make you more comfortable with yourself and with dancing in front of others. This allows you to “cut loose” a little more and generally feel at ease with yourself, your foot placement and where you’re heading next! To all inexperienced or nervous couples (or those with lack of dancing skills, like me) I highly recommend lessons if you’re looking to put on a great show for your guests.

Dancing with different people

Throughout the evening, the bride and groom are expected to dance with several other guests; from parents to aunts, uncles, nieces and more. Group dance classes are a great way to learn how to dance with people who aren’t your partner and still feel comfortable and have fun. That way, when you dance with Aunt Sue or Uncle Jack, you can make sure to keep your toes safe whilst showing off those moves!

Line dances

Photo by Rachel Ledbetter Photography

Photo by Rachel Ledbetter Photography

One thing most couples don’t expect is to be the leader of dancing. Your guests will look to you as the star couple to get on the dance floor and will follow suit. For line and other common dances, be sure to ask your instructor – or your DJ – to show you, so you can lead the pack.

You can also provide guidance to your DJ on which songs to play so you always know how to groove along with the music. There are a lot of options here, from the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, and that’s not even getting into country dances, so feel free to provide them with some guidance as to which ones you like and would like to learn.

All in all, dance lessons help to build confidence and give you more moves to place in your arsenal to pull out throughout the night!