There are typically several packages offered by Austin wedding coordinators and they range from full-service to day-of (sometimes called month-of). In this post, I’ll break down the main differences and go over a few examples so you’ll know which one is right for you.

Full Service

Day of coordinatorA full-service coordinator will help you select vendors, guide you in etiquette, plan your design, and help to concept the actual wedding. This means that if you need help all along the way with details, ideas, concept, planning, selection and more, then this might be the best fit for you.

They also provide the coordination for the rehearsal and wedding day as part of the full service package. Because of the level of involvement over time, this package is typically more expensive than a day-of coordinator.

Sarah and John just got engaged. They couldn’t be more thrilled to exchange their vows. They’ve selected a date next fall but other than that they don’t know where to start. With over 300 guests, they know they’re going to need some help!

Day Of

LanderA day-of coordinator helps to run the final details, close any gaps that might have been missed along the way, as well as running point on the actual day. This is also called the “month-of” package because in order to do a day-of package well, they can’t just show up on the day and hope everything goes according to plan.

Different coordinators offer different selections in their day-of packages. Be sure to ask what’s included with the fee when selecting a wedding coordinator. Because they do not assist with the planning portion of the wedding, the day-of packages are typically more affordable.

Veronica and Marcus are getting married in six months. They’ve got most of their vendors selected but want to make sure they haven’t missed anything and that their wishes are carried out on their special day. Having someone else to be the point of contact and make sure everything is set up correctly so they can spend some quality time with their family is very important to them.